Virtual Reality Pilot Report

Melbourne Towers 80 Collins

80 Collins by QIC

"A destination of historical and social significance, where commerce, culture and retail converge. An epicentre for a burgeoning city, and a collection of experiences that could only exist here."


Development Visualisation

The Sales & Investments Team at JLL were involved in selling the new mixed-used commercial development in Melbourne known as Melbourne Towers 80 Collins, (valued at $1.8 billion) with construction due to complete in 2020.

Even with great marketing material such as CGI rendered images, fly-through video, comprehensive investor presentation and a look book, investors found it difficult to visualise and understand how the two commercial towers, hotel, cafes and retail spaces connected the precinct around a central atrium.


An immersive VR walk-through

JLL partnered with Inspace XR to create a virtual reality experience allowing investors to physically walk through the central spine areas of Melbourne Towers 80 Collins. This allowed them to feel the space and understand the precinct as if it was already built.

The VR experience was produced in three weeks, based on provided floor plans, rendered CGI images and material schedules.

Inspace XR set up the VR experience in the Melbourne Towers 80 Collins Display Suite and trained the JLL team to onboard users for the experience. The hardware comprised of a VR headset and a laptop, and activating the application on the PC was as easy as double-clicking.



  • Prospective investors provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about the unique virtual experience. It made them feel like they were actually there.
  • It helped them understand the planned connectivity of the precinct and feel a real connection with the project.
  • The project management and design team at QIC were excited to stand inside the project they had been working on for years.
  • The JLL Sales Team found it easy to set up the hardware and use the application. There was only one slight technical difficulty throughout the entire campaign, which was resolved by restarting the application.
  • Challenges

  • For larger groups, not everyone was able to try the VR experience (due to time constraints and only one VR headset). Future projects should consider two or more headsets.
  • The VR experience was a lot more helpful after the presentation and tour of the construction site, as users already had context and could easily navigate the space.
  • Inspace XR are always a joy to work with. They're adaptable, dependable, and always put our needs first to ensure successful client and project delivery.

    The Melbourne Towers 80 Collins VR experience was truly top notch. The fly-through video was also a nice touch, as it allowed others to get an idea of what the experience entails, without actually being there to run through it physically.

    Most people that went through the experience were first timers to VR, and were initially blown away by the quality of the design and visuals. They left the experience feeling confident about the inter-connectivity between the buildings, and the layout of the ground floor and retail spaces.

    Terry Griffen

    IT Service Manager – Australia at JLL

    Melbourne Towers 80 Collins Virtual Reality Fly through video

    After creating the VR experience the Inspace team created a beautifully rendered fly through video for online marketing purposes.

    “The VR experience created by Inspace XR was of such high quality it felt like you were actually in the development. The ability to navigate through the space meant that prospective purchasers could see how the four different project elements – two towers, a hotel and mixed use retail - would be connected together to create the final product.

    The Inspace VR team were great to deal with, going above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. Clients’ reaction to the walkthrough was overwhelmingly positive. ”

    Faye Alexander

    Sales & Investments at JLL

    Virtual Reality at Inspace XR

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