Ashton Mosman By Sun Property

Virtual Reality Case Study (Inspace XR)

An Architectural Masterpiece for Lifestyle Living

"Inspired by the rich artistic heritage, elegance and nostalgia of Mosman, Ashton is the key to your next chapter: an idyllic lifestyle blended with sophisticated coastal urban living."

Virtual Reality Buying

Sun property partnered with Inspace to provide a unique VR buying experience, allowing people to walk inside their residential project before it's built.

The VR Ashton project uplifts a buyers experience in four key areas:


Buyers can walk around the apartment and build a powerful emotional connection with the property.

Typically buyers stay in a VR experience for up to 33-37 minutes.

Scale and Size

Inspace builds every virtual reality experience using architectural plans and 3D models. This meant buyers got a true sense of size and scale of the penthouse which otherwise might have been hard to visualize.


Inspace XR used a 360 degree drone panorama image to replicate the true elevated view of the apartment outside on the terrace and balcony.

This can be a very powerful visualiser especially residential projects which have amazing views from a balcony or window.

Choosing the right material finishes

The Ashton experience allows the user to instantly select and choose different flooring and kitchen options inside the experience.

When buyers are choosing material finishes, virtual reality can be a great immersive decision making tool.


“Being a developer, one of the key challenges I face every day is how to help customers understand space. It’s easy for people to have a relatively close to accurate perception of a bag of chips or an A4 piece of paper. Because these are measurements one dealt with on daily basis. But when comes to purchasing off-the-plan, most customers find it difficult to visualise floorplan and its relativity to size of a 4-metre island bench top, for example. I am impressed with the Inspace XR’s virtual reality output, which is so true to human scale. It also made the finish material selection process very simple. ”

What was your experience like working with Inspace XR?

"The IXR team was extremely creative and experienced. They were able to absorb project purpose deeply and provide solutions beyond expectations. IXR is a group of business minded professional, they don’t only execute what you asked."

What do you think of the Ashton VR experience?

"The VR experience is very realistic. Unlike earlier technology where visual can be blur and dark, this is on another level. My international real estate agents also drive the VR to walk through the apartment with overseas clients.

People were amazed by the VR, and most of them can operate immediately. They love the view capture function, which provides reference for discussions on finish selection." 

Jin Peng, Marketing Director at Sun Property Group

Fly through video of Ashton | Mosman by Sun Property